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2019 Home Run Derby Format

The Home Run Derby has evolved Through the Years. While baseball is a purist’s sport and any changes to the game itself is met with extreme resistance, changes to the derby have generally been met with approval.
Originally, the derby–like the match itself–has been void of a clock. Instead of having a set interval to strike the ball outside, players have been given five outs to hit as many homers as possible. Any ball hit that did not clear the outfield wall was an outside. Until 1990, it was quite simple: within those five outs, the player to hit the most home runs won.
While the first format was simple enough, it wasn’t exciting enough. In 1991, the three-round format has been born, allowing players to go head-to-head. The rules around the rounds diverse, but the general idea remained: the contestants will be whittled down to two going head-to-head to the name of Home Run Derby champion.
In more recent decades, bracket-fever fell upon the event with a bracket established to result in some victor and in 2015, the concept of workouts was scrapped in favour of a clock, giving every hitter a time limit within which to hit as many homers as he can. Within that time, the hitter gets one timeout and can add time to the clock according to distance. To add extra information, ties are now broken by swing-offs. The time limit now sits at four minutes per round.
There are a few fascinating names in the 2019 field. Toronto Blue Jays newcomer Vladimir Guerrero, Jr. will become a star for years to come and may break out on the major stage in this one. Milwaukee’s Christian Yelich, Cleveland’s Carlos Santana, New York’s Pete Alonso, Pittsburgh’s Josh Bell and Atlanta’s Ronald Acuna are also scheduled to participate. Bell and Alonso are first-time participants but possess light-tower power and could put on a display.
While this year’s group might not have exactly the exact same star power as some in the past, there are a few players with serious power and it should be an intriguing event. Guerrero, Jr., in particular is going to be watched with a close attention. Bell is your favorite to win. The 2018 home run derby winner was Bryce Harper.

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