” In that case, politics “becomes a bloodsport, where you’re

I don think so. I didn think the Recession was something worthy of all the press this administration gave it. I think the Dems in office are trying to drum up this scare tactic in order to pat themselves on the back later when the economy revives and say we just averted the Great Recession.

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cheap Canada Goose “Basically, it’s like a fortress mentality, where it’s like the best we can do is lock up the gates and just pour boiling oil over the gates at the libs,” Bean said as we ate dinner at a tiny German restaurant near Texas Christian University in Fort Worth that night. Among evangelicals, she said, “I really think one of the things that’s changed since I did my fieldwork at the very end of the Bush administration is a rejection of politics in general as a means to advance the common good, even in a conservative vein.” In that case, politics “becomes a bloodsport, where you’re punishing and striking back at people you don’t like” without much hope of changing anything. For that kind of “hopeless cynicism” regarding politics walls up, temporary provisions, with just enough strength and zeal left to periodically foil one’s enemies Trump is an ideal leader.. cheap Canada Goose

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