They have not said what that evidence may be

Roof attorneys have indicated that he chose to represent himself during the sentencing phase of his trial because he was worried they might present embarrassing evidence about himself or his family. They have not said what that evidence may be, but as early as last summer, they had planned to introduce evidence that Roof suffers from a mental illness. Since then, many motions have been filed under cheap canada goose seal, purportedly to conceal sensitive information, but it likely more details on what lawyers planned to present..

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canada goose coats Their refusal to allow this expansion has hurt the hard working people that vote for Democrats. I don’t hate Obama just his policies. McCain has a more capitalist approach to the economy. None of the dead birds were found on the ground of the wooded area where they roosted, so officials ruled out disease or poisoning as the cause of their deaths. Instead, it was assumed a weather related event caused the mysterious mass die off. Exams showed that the birds had suffered internal injuries that led to deadly blood clots canada goose coats.

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