“, a Tulsa city council member, and local activist Kristi

Lisa Fine is a professional organizer and personal trainer and nutritionist. Fine wasn’t originally planning on going to the festival, but got a last minute invitation when someone else couldn’t go. She said she recorded videos during the shooting because she wanted her children to know what happened to her in case she didn’t make it..

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canada goose black friday sale It wasn’t taught about in the schools. It was taboo to speak about it.”, a Tulsa city council member, and local activist Kristi Williams visit Oaklawn Cemetery, where many think there is a mass grave for people killed during the rampage. (Shane Bevel/for The Washington Post)Though Tulsa officials decided years ago not to excavate the site of the alleged mass grave, arguing that the evidence isn’t strong enough, Hall Harper plans to ask the city to reconsider.”In honor of the centennial,” she said, “I think we, as a city, should look into that and ensure those individuals are laid to rest properly.”A century ago, Tulsa was racially segregated and reeling from a recent lynching when Dick Rowland, a 19 year old shoeshiner, walked to the Drexel Building, which had the only toilet downtown available to black people. canada goose black friday sale

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