You’ll want to look for a pattern of “Unresolved” or

Classified info is where it gets dicey and jumps right into whistleblower territory. But we often don’t know if the info is real, classified, verified or even declassified. This all takes time to unravel. I think literally everyone in the organization thought that trading Pronger was a bad idea (because a franchise with a Hart winning defenseman in his prime >>>> a franchise without a Hart wining defenseman), yet ownership still forced a trade.I think I argue that the Purina thing was even worse than Keenan though, because they almost lost the team altogether. Say what you will about Keenan running our stars out of town, but I rather have a team to begin with.By the early 80s, Ralston management wanted to cut ties with the team, which they came to see as nothing but a money losing division of the business. In Ralston sold the Blues to an ownership group based in Saskatoon who intended to relocate the team to an arena they were set to build there.In May, the NHL Board of Governors voted against the sale.Ralston sued the NHL and basically told the NHL to take the team, that they weren going to have anything to do with it, and that once the team was either sold, dissolved or operated by the league, they want their cut.The Blues skipped the 83 draft entirely as Ralston had basically washed their hands of it.

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