“Pensionerswho qualify for pension credit get on average around

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replica bags delhi How pensioners could still get free TV licences next yearIt’s all about making a phone call to find out moreThousands of Derbyshire pensioners are missing out on cash by not claiming pension credit and from next June they will be also be missing out on a free TV licence if they are aged over 75.It is estimated that around 17,000 Derbyshirepensionersare entitled to, but not claiming, the pension top up, with the take up rate for those aged over 75 at only 60%.To help local residents find out if they qualify, Derbyshire County Council has staff on hand to support them to claim their share of 41million a year in unclaimed benefits.And when free TV licences for the over 75s are abolished next June, only those who are on pension credit will be able to obtain a licence for free.But that still leaves thousands ofpensionersaged under 75 in Derbyshire as well as those in their 80s and 90s who could qualify but are missing out on income they’re entitled to.Councillor Jean Wharmby, county council cabinet member for adult care, said: “We know claiming benefits can be a complex process that’s why we’re making it as easy as possible for people to apply.”Our welfare rights team is on hand https://www.debagsreplicas.com to help people find out if they qualify and help fill in the forms.”Pensionerswho qualify for pension credit get on average around 2,500 a year just under 250 a month.The money could come in handy for any number of things, said Councillor Wharmby, from help with the gardening or cleaning, to transport and travel costs.Read MoreYour moneyPensioners can still qualify for pension credit even if:They have significant savings (in the tens of thousands of pounds) They’re a couple with up to 460 a week coming in, but they both qualify for disability benefits and are carers for each other They own their own home. Mrs Wharmby added: “Some people don’t know they can claim, some struggle to apply and some feel embarrassed about needing the extra help.”Or they think it’s too complicated or not worth it for a few pounds. But that extra bit of cash could unlock other benefits, such as council tax, housing benefit or a free TV Licence.”Putting in a phone call to us or visiting our website could potentially lead to them being thousands of pounds better off.”Derby pensioner would rather go to prison than pay TV licenceEducationBest secondary schools in Derbyshire for 2019 see how your school ranksCompare and contrast local schoolsMackworthTaxi driver traps yob in cab after racially aggravated assaultCourtsUninsured A50 driver gave Derbyshire police his dad’s details replica bags delhi.

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