Much of the footage was filmed at Heron Island

Elpel said he grew up eating roadkill harvested by his grandmother, though it was not explicitly legal when he was a kid. The state began issuing permits in 2013, and Elpel said he salvages carcasses several times a year often enough that his freezer is full. Students at the wilderness survival school he runs, Green University, are served roadkill in their included meals..

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uk canada goose A new kind of interactive website will allow viewers to join David Attenborough as live on an interactive journey across the Great Barrier Reef. Follow animals as they travel across the reef, swipe and see how they see and hear, touch the screen and watch coral grow, see the weather and ocean currents change as they happen, explore high resolution scans of the reef to reveal its hidden history. Much of the footage was filmed at Heron Island.. uk canada goose

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