How can two divisions, both in the most need of big fights,

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However, I am having a difficult time with the exclusions. Every day I have a huge house to do exclusions on, each with 2 10 converging roof lines to seal. It’s also 2 stories up. Or simply just have it a super fight without the belt.It like me opening the door to my house and then you blame people for walking inside when I could simply have just locked the door.Dana the one allowing this to happen and the fighters are just taking advantage, hermes belt replica aaa not the ones causing it. Dana is about to possibly let Henry Cejudo go up a weight class to fight TJ Dillashaw and in the event (HYPOTHETICAL) he won, what do we have? Division being held up and back to blaming the players instead of the game.How can two divisions, both in the most need of big fights, have 0 title fights until jan/Feb/March?!?!? And then have the champ retire right afterward? replica hermes luggage This isn featherweight/LW with a bunch of KILLERS.There 0 end game to all of this. If DC was going to do this they should have had DC Stipe fight someone else and then fight each other in the fall.

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