This kitchen, designed by Pam Chilton, principal at Zimba

As Fabbiano says: You only get one opportunity to make a first impression and when it comes to the kitchen, the cabinet doors and countertops can quickly give a good or bad account.This kitchen, designed by Pam Chilton, principal at Zimba Design, shows the positive impact a renovated kitchen can have on home’s value. Photo credit: Fyfe Photography [PNG Merlin Archive]According to a 2018 cross Canada survey of more than 750 Royal LePage real estate experts, a kitchen renovation has the potential to boost a property value by more than 12.5 per cent.Whether you replacing cabinets completely or just doing a reface, there no doubt that this is one of the top returns on investment, as it quickly gives a new, fresh look, the duo say.They advise installing new doors on existing cabinet boxes (provided they are in good condition) or painting doors and updating the hardware. If the cabinet update is part of preparing a home for sale, choose neutral colours.Flooring is also on their best investment list.Upgrading a peach ceramic tile or linoleum flooring provides a great return on investment, Fabbiano and Sevallo agree.Large stone tiles, engineered hardwood, or even luxury vinyl tile can drastically improve the look of your kitchen (and the rest of your house) for a relatively low cost, says Sevallo.Pam Chilton, principal of Zimba Design, says opening a kitchen into an adjoining room (like a dining or living room) and installing a kitchen island with a countertop like a Cambria quartz is a great update.This kitchen, designed by Pam Chilton, principal at Zimba Design, shows the positive impact a renovated kitchen can have on home’s value.

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