“The Okanagan Regional Library’s Golden branch will be adding a

Has been operating in the Middle East for over 35 years and is committed to sustaining an active presence in the region, where we have recently been successful in winning a number of contract awards. These include the ExxonMobil LES Project in West Qurna 1, Basra, Iraq and the Shell Majnoon Oil Field Project in partnership with Foster Wheeler, also in Iraq. We look forward to the continued safe and successful delivery of projects for our clients and the award of further contracts into the future.

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canadian goose jacket Programs such as classes and workshops that train people how to use the equipment are also supported.Here are a few of the recipients:The Fernie Heritage Library canada goose outlet will be creating a technology hub with three main components: a digitization station that will enable people to convert old formats (for example VHS tapes) into digital forms, an editing and creation station with computers and software, and a makerspace with equipment like a 3 D printer and laser cutter.”The technology hub will be a place for the community to use technology to make new things,” said Director Emma Dressler. “It will be a place of innovation and inspiration, where people can interact with their environment in new ways, learn new skills and come together in new ways.”The Okanagan Regional Library’s Golden branch will be adding a range of items that will help citizens of all skill levels do sound recordings, digitize older formats (such as slides, vinyl or tape), create and modify video projects, and learn other digital skills.”These skills are critical for citizens of all ages in the 21st century,” said Don Nettleton, Chief Executive Officer. “Having this equipment situated in the library allows all citizens, regardless of their socioeconomic status, the opportunity to participate, provided they have a curious mind and a valid library card.””Through improved technology and programming, we hope to support our community members in enhancing their technology related skills and ultimately quality of life,” said Learning Centre Manager Heather Clouston. canadian goose jacket

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