Sooner or later it becomes undeniable that the emperor has no

What would Powell endorsement mean for Obama

For a moment there, it looked like Colin Powell was going to cheap canada goose endorse Barack Obama.

canada goose But the former Secretary of State has denied a report that he would publicly back the Democrat for president at the party convention. Several sources say he hasn made up his mind yet, and Powell himself insists he won be going to the convention in Denver. However, despite Powell immediate denials, the reporter who broke the story on Fox News yesterday stands by it saying that the Obama people expect Powell to endorse him. canada goose

Powell indicated earlier this year that he was considering endorsing a Democrat or Independent. He said he was keeping his options open and called Obama an person on the political stage. adviser to Powell says that he likes and admires John McCain, which would factor into any decision he makes. But another source close to Powell says although he known the Arizona senator for over 30 years, he hasn found a reason to vote for him yet. That not such an encouraging sign if you John McCain.

Canada Goose Jackets One of the things Powell is waiting for is the vice presidential picks from both candidates. A Powell aide says that a decision to back Obama wouldn be a surprise, but a decision to attend the Democratic convention would be. Canada Goose Jackets

canadian goose jacket Nonetheless, for Obama, hope springs eternal. As long as Powell hasn said no, the possibility remains that one of the most popular people in this country could still come out and support him. canadian goose jacket

Here’s my question to you: What would Colin Powell endorsement mean for Barack Obama?

Interested to know which ones made it on air?

Rocket fuel, Jack. What would also help is if Powell would come forward to confirm the forged intelligence, the dirt on Plame, canada goose shop prague yellowcake, aluminum tubes and multiple high crimes and misdemeanors that the White House has perpetrated on the greatest people on the planet.

Joe from Clinton, Massachusetts writes:

I think it would hurt him. Powell was one of the White House puppets who lied to the nation about Iraq. If he endorsed Obama, I would hope Obama would decline the endorsement based on this fact. Powell cannot be trusted. So, an endorsement of Obama by Powell will increase my confidence on winning a bunch of bets. Think about it, who better to bring foreign policy and military experience to Obama team? Nobody would be better, nobody.

Michelle from Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania writes:

Not much, Jack. Either he was naive enough to let himself be played, or he was part of the deception. He lost the rest of his credibility when he allowed Bush and Co. to marginalize him for four years, rendering him ineffective in his office. The man deserved better, but he also should have been smart enough to avoid it.

It would give a canada goose kensington parka uk monumental boost to Obama and the entire campaign. Powell represents and embodies integrity, patriotism and vision, the very canada goose xxl uk qualities Obama has projected all his adult life. Secretary Powell counsel on military and foreign affairs would be invaluable.

canada goose factory sale Bonnie from Dana Point, California writes: canada goose factory sale

It would mean that my husband canada goose outlet just lost his last excuse to vote for McCain. He supported the invasion of Iraq, when I didn As the Bush administration hacks were discredited one by one, my husband held out Colin Powell as the reason to believe in what we Americans were doing. Sooner or later it becomes undeniable that the emperor has no clothes.

Canada Goose Coats On Sale Very little, perhaps, a truthful assessment from a canada goose black friday 80 off man highly tainted and reactive from this Bush administration which tossed him to the wolves after the United Nations debacle served them and his moderate republican position proved too uncompromising! Once, Powell position was that of an individual with admirable qualities, but when he lied for this administration, and we haven heard from canada goose clearance Suskind on this as of yet, Powell position is one of merely an average American of Joe Blow character. Powell, after all, is not a man of high stature once thrown out by George W. Bush because once tainted, always tainted! The real surprise might come from ex Attorney General Gonzales, but I am not holding my breath! Canada Goose Coats On Sale

I still remember Collin Powel showing on CNN the satellite pictures of the places suspected to be stockpiling WMD, weapons of mass destructions. Was Powel confused by the improper intelligence? Most probably he was. Definitely he didn’t fabricate those pictures because he was not part of that intelligence. If it’s so, he can be pardoned. Also his record with the administration after that means that he was not happy of what he did. And if the majority of general public believes so, his endorsement will mean much for Senator Barack Obama.

I don agree with many canada goose parka uk of the previous posters (not unusually), but I do think that it means that even some Republicans are pulling their heads out of the sands dumped by the Bush Administration for their convenience in hiding from reality.

It could help Obama position as someone who can cross party lines and work compromises. However, it could hurt Obama too, as a reaction to having a one time Bush man supporting him.

canada goose coats on sale Powell does have lots of military experience and world affairs experience, and to give him credit where credit is due, he has been respected on both sides of the party lines. I think only time will tell what the overall effect it will have: first, whether he follows through with this endorsement, and two, how both parties will respond. The best way for the Democrats to deal with it is to accept the endorsement, but not try to make too much political hay out of it as that will play into the hands of the Republicans. canada goose coats on sale

Canada Goose Online Correct the wrong judgement that Powell used when he trusted the Bush Administration. Canada Goose Online

canada goose clearance sale I think he will support Obama and I think that this will undo alot of the bad feelings people had about his part in the invasion of Iraq. canada goose clearance sale

I also think that Obama will have room for Powell in his Administration.

If Colin Powell endorsed Barack Obama, and then Obama chose Powell to be his running mate, I believe that America would overwhelmingly select these two instead of McCain and Lieberman (or whoever).

I’d vote for this ticket in a second.

If you are a high profile person with any kind of self respect you couldn possibly support John McCain. This is evident in Colin Powell case or his being a Republican would have already garnered his support for McCain.

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