(I don’t think he would cheat

Enver2 said, is exactly the kind of pseudo scientific whiz! reporting that leads so many people astray. No. 1 in particular is madness. When I asked him not to. He says he asked me, but I had said I’d rather not have the kids on my own after a 10 hour shift/after “joking” comments, I was uncomfortable with it, and he said it wasn’t a big deal for me have the kids, I was overreacting. (I don’t think he would cheat, and they had boyfriends, but it made me sad and he didnt care) Me “I need you to stop being so critical of me” H:”maybe if you stopped messing up all the time” Me “I really don’t like you sometimes” H:” seriously, it’s like everything you do, seems like it must be your first try” Very regular criticism about little things.

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